Maximising Your Staking Rewards

  • Extremely competitive variable fee at 2.8%. Have 1,000₳ to stake? The difference between us and a 1% variable fee pool is only 0.87₳ after a whole year. That is assuming they maintain uptime, security and don't cash out at the first possible chance!
  • Lowest fixed fees as required by the protocol - 340 ₳/epoch at the time of writing
  • As competitive perfectionists we're continuously optimising our whole stack to increase block production and up-time

Long-term Skin in the Game

  • All our rewards go back into increasing our pledge. A token of our long-term commitment to this project while also boosting rewards for delegators
  • We are fully invested in making this the best option for your ADA
  • Transparency, openness and fairness are our core ideals. We are active in the community and have open-sourced our entire tech-stack

Technical Excellence at Scale

  • 30+ years of combined experience in the largest technology and e-commerce powerhouses in the world
  • Airtight security verified by multiple certified cyber security professionals
  • Proven track-record in designing, implementing and supporting highly available, low latency distributed systems at scale. Ask us for our creds!

Comparison To Other Pools

  {SAFE}STAK Most other pools
Advanced DDoS Monitoring and Protection
Multiple Data Center Redundancy
Security Review Compliant
Active Community Member in Assisting Others
Active/Passive Block Producers for Resiliency
Highly Specced Infrastructure and Networking
Open-sourced our Full Tech Stack

Common Questions

Are your returns competitive?

Yes and very much so. Although we put in a greater long-term investment for hardware compared to most others, our returns will still be as good, neck-to-neck or better. We have done our best to optimise factors in our control contributing to maximising rewards for our delegators. These include our generous pledge, minimum fixed fees, very reasonable variable % fees as well as providing maximum uptime and efficiently performing node maintenance.

Can I incur any loss of ADA?

No, there is zero risk of losing ADA when you delegate to us through supported wallets such as Daedalus or Yoroi. In fact, you still have full custody to spend your delegated ADA as the delegation process does not "lock" the ADA up in a strict sense, it will only impact your extra rewards over that epoch.

Can you help me start my own pool?

Although we have open-sourced all our underlying resources for creating and maintaining our stake pool, we are further planning an in-depth tutorial (perhaps with a video) once we are happy with the way our stake pool is running. Time is a such a fickle beast! If you have a holding of ADA and would like us to manage/operate a pool for you please feel free to contact us.